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TRIO QUARTET - Presentation

Vocal-instrumental group TrioQuartet comes from different places arround Skofja Loka. It was established in april 2006 with one main goal – to lift Slovenian song to a higher level of performance and encore it into the national self-esteem.

A great love for good music connected the boys into one harmony. Their singing talents are constantly developing under the supervision of appreciated Slovenian music teachers. Their wishes are all rising up to same aims, which are to leave their own seal in Slovenian cultural space as well as to take their music abroad and spread their unique style of interpretation and their delicate touch for artistic expression. In order to make those wishes come true, they recorded their first CD in November 2010 and named it Večerni ave (Evening Ave).

Slovenian folk music owns a special place in quartets repertoire in order to spread and fortify Slovenian national awareness through which they learn about national traditions and people`s personal life stories. They revive their concerts with gospel and Dalmatian music accompanied by piano and mandolins and their specialty is to passionately combine different music styles.

Astonishing energy of boys` voices quickly found its way to the hearts of their audience and has also convinced Slovenian musicians. They already performed in Avsenik`s hall, they sang to American ambassador in Slovenia, to European ministers and politicians during Slovenian leadership of European union. They also perform on several concerts and public events – as a quartet or in cooperation with Slovenian or foreign musicians. Among other accomplishments, they

- earned the title of “name of the month” on radio station Radio Sora

- received first prize on quartet-festival “Evening of quartets” on the Turjak castle

- won the first prize on music contest in Pécs, Hungary. (special reward for artistic impression from the director of the festival, Tamas Lakner) 

They perform on all kinds of events and occasions:

- grand receptions

- business meetings

- openings and special rewarding evenings

- graduations

- festivals abroad

- all kinds of feasts


 In music and other arts, there are several possibilities to express your own understanding, feelings and longing… We decided for music!